Astriol Enginnering is recognized as one of the world’s premier custom manufacturers of high quality complex parts, assemblies, and total products in plastic and metal.

We are still owned today by the same family that started this business over 7 years ago, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. We have established a reputation, over decades of hard work, for good service and quality products at competitive prices. This reputation has been developed because our co-workers care about their customers, each other, their company and their community. We have learned what it means to work together toward the common goal of being one of the best contract manufacturing companies in the world.

We have also learned that our employees are one of our most valuable assets. Astriol Enginnering is committed to a team-oriented work environment that engages employees in policy creation. We have an excellent work force with a high average length of employment – once people join Astriol, they generally stay.

Astriol Enginnering offers a variety of services throughout its numerous facilities, resulting in many diverse career paths and advancement opportunities. And when new opportunities arise, whether on the manufacturing floor, out in the field, or in the corporate offices, Astriol strives to promote its talent from within.